We wish you all a happy week! Time passes quickly and the race is approaching.

We want to announce some useful information for you that you should know upon arrival:

  • Arrival

o   Official Airport (Sabiha Gökçen – Istanbul Airport)

  • You will be welcomed by groups of volunteers who will guide you to the bus that will transport you to Campus (Yeditepe University) in Istanbul. The trip takes approximately 1-1.5 hours

o   Driving your own vehicle

  • You will be provided an invitation letter from the Türkiye University Sports Federation. So you don’t have any trouble while passing the border.
  • Please send us necessary information about:
    • Boat type
    • Brand-serial number
    • Trailer plate
    • Plate number of the towing vehicle
    • Number of oars


Participants will be accommodated in the student dorms in Yeditepe University, which is held in the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Course regatta will be held on Europe side of Istanbul. In that regard there will be shuttle services available between Campus Area and the Rowing Club during the competition and training days, for your convenience.

Room lists are prepaid by the local organizing committee, based on the individual entry forms.

The following principals have been used when creating room lists:

  • Athletes and official do not share room.
  • Athletes from same country can be accommodated in the same room even if they are not from the same university.
  • EUSA personnel, VIP’s and others will be accommodated in the same hotel.

Each Head of Delegation (HOD) plus one more person from the team are asked to come to the accreditation at Campus Area. Each HOD will receive a list with all team members placed in rooms.

  • Check in: Rooms are available from September 5th, the day of arrival
  • Check out: At the latest September 10th.

There is free Wi-Fi available at the university.


  • Address: Campus Area, Yeditepe University,
  • Accreditation Procedure
  1. Upon arrival, each university shall send maximum two persons (Head of Delegation plus one) that is responsible for the accreditation of their university.
  2. They must have the following documents of the entire team:
    • List of team members
    • Passport/ID- the same documents that were used for the individual entry
    • Certificate of Academic Eligibility
    • Transfer receipt of fees paid
  • Make sure that your university or association has responsibly paid the participation fees in advance
  • The accreditation procedure will be divided into five stages:
  1. First stage: Documents Check
  2. It will be checked if all participants are declared correctly
  3. It will be checked if all payments have been settled. If payments are incorrect, the payments will be resolved at this stage.
  4.  It will be checked if we have the correct rowing discipline from your team – there will be an opportunity for amendments here
  5. Needed documents and information:

i. List of all team members

ii. Races that your team is registered for

iii. Transfer receipts as proof of payments


  1. Second stage: Finances
  2. Third Stage: Accommodation and Catering

a. Participants will receive their designated accommodation information.

b. Participants must double check their departure times to make sure that the Organizers have the correct information.

i. Departure time

  1. Fourth Stage: EUSA Control Commission
  2. Fifth Stage: Welcome gifts


You can find the Yeditepe University address below:

İnönü Mahallesi Kayışdağı Cd., 34755 Ataşehir/İstanbul

Google Maps: Yeditepe University Google Maps

Google Earth: Yeditepe University Google Earth


EUC Rowing 2022