Preliminary Schedule:
September 5: Arrivals
September 6: General Tehnical Meeting
September 7-9: Opening Ceremony, Competitions, Closing Ceremony
September 10: Departures

The Following Events Are Offered At EUC 2022:
• Men: LM1x, M1x, LM2x, M2x, LM2-, M2-, LM4-, M4-, LM4x, M4x, M8+
• Women: LW1x, W1x, W2-, LW2x, W2x, W4-, W4x, LW4x, W8+

Women may compete as the coxswain in Mens crews, and vice versa.
Where no lightweight competition exists medals may be awarded to lightweight crews competing in open competitions.
Crews may double-enter at their own risk with regard to the schedule of racing.
Please see the EUSA Rules and Regulations for the general terms and competition details.