European Universities Rowing Championship 2022

European Universities Rowing Championships are governed by the European University Sports Association (EUSA) and enable higher education students, engaged in studies at European universities and colleges, to come together, row and compete in their events.

In 2022, the European Universities Rowing Championship will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, between September 6 and 9, hosted by the Turkish University Sports Federation (TUSF) and the Yeditepe University.



In order to ensure safety and health of all participants, the European University Sports Association (EUSA) and the Organising Committee of the 2022 European Universities Rowing Championship have agreed that the event will follow the EUSA Covid Regulations (updated on May 27, 2022):
Participants are required to have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Exemption applies to the participants who have recovered from Covid-19, and to the participants who are exempt from vaccination for medical reasons.
The fulfilment of the conditions set out in the previous article is defined by the legislation of the residence country of each participant.
All participants have to comply with the host country guidelines and regulations related to these Regulations, entering into force immediately after being approved by the EUSA Executive Committee on May 27, 2022, and replace previously set regulations.

Registration opened on February 15, and will be open until March 15 (1st deadline), with the late registrations possible until July 1.



Boat rentals

Participants of the European Universities Rowing Championship 2022 may bring their own boats, or rent them for the duration of the event, under the conditions listed below.
Price of boat rental: Single sculls, 1X: €200/boat; Doubles, 2X: €300/boat; Pairs, 2-: €300/boat; Quad, 4X: €450/boat; Sweep, 4-:€450/boat; Eights, 8+: €700/boat.
Request your boats using the link:
The payer you named on the form will receive an e-mail with the payment information.
In addition to boat hire, you will be charged a refundable deposit (100 Euro/boat), returned to you after the competition when boat has been turned in and inspected.
Please fill out the boat rental form by 31 May. We will confirm your rental by 20 June and we will share with you all the technical details (brand, model, capacity, etc.) of your boat.
The above listed prices include VAT and insurance for the boat.

The boat rental system is similar to renting a car. When receiving the boat you requested, the receipt document is filled. Our representative will inspect the boat with you to document the boat's condition. This document will be used when you return the boat after the last race. Our representative will meet the boat whose race has been completed at the pantoon. Check the boat together for damage.
If there is no (new) damage, your receipt will be refunded. If there is new damage, fill out the damage form together. Your university will be liable for the insurance deductible.
Boats will be rigged and de-rigged by our representative  personnel. Please do not rig or de-rig yourselves. Should you not check in your boat properly, your university will be charged an amount equal to the insurance deductible. Boats may not be rigged from Sweep to Scull or vice-versa (boats are equipped only with one set of riggers)
The boats provided are not new, but are good quality boats that Turkish Rowing Clubs use as competition boats. All will be equipped with axe blades.
We are not able to accommodate special shoe size, nor any special requests - thank you for understanding.



Other useful Information

Official language Turkish 
Time zone
GMT + 3
Currency Turkish Lira (TL)
Means of payment Cash and credit card
Phone country code +90
Emergency numbers 112 (police, fire brigade, ambulance)
220 volt, 50 cycles; socket type is European standard
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Contact Information

EUC Rowing Organizing Committee
Phone: +90 531 947 20 15